Objects of Ritual

The rise of protests and community efforts to overthrow the Lebanese government in the last few months, makes me anxious, worried, excited and deeply proud. I feel distant from home, especially at a time when I want to participate, as an artist and as a citizen. I began this project as a response to the current political landscape in Beirut, Lebanon. Chickpeas - native to the Middle East, are a staple, a commodity, rich with history and cultural heritage. 

I began with an idea to make clay from chickpeas. Chickpeas demand a lot of attention and care. They require a lot of labor and patience. Through working with chickpeas as a material to form with, I began to question objects I was surrounded by. Ceremonial, utilitarian objects that retained knowledge, cultural affiliations and histories. The replication of ritual objects was a means of investigation, and a deeper understanding of the innate nature of things through their form and function.